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August 15th, 2011

alan7388 @ 10:56 pm: List of UPCOMING POLY EVENTS and LOCAL POLY GROUPS

I've created a new website, ALAN'S LIST of POLYAMORY EVENTS:

These are all the major poly cons, festivals, gatherings, etc. coming up in the next 12 months, as far as I know. I think the list is pretty complete, at least for the English-speaking world. There are now 13 events on the list through July 2012 -- with descriptions and sometimes my commentary when I've been to one of these or know people who have.

ALSO: At the bottom of the page are five resource lists of LOCAL POLY GROUPS worldwide, sorted by location -- making it easy to find the local group(s) in your backyard, with their own meetings and happenings.

Instructions for how to suggest new listings are on the page.

I intend to keep the site updated and current forever. (I hope I've got another 30 good years ahead, and before I go I'll try to hand off the job to someone else.)

Please link to this and pass it on.

This project is an outgrowth of my other site, POLYAMORY IN THE NEWS:

... which I've been running for six years now.


Alan M.

April 11th, 2011

alan7388 @ 12:18 am: Poly in the recent news
A parenting magazine presents polyamory as a logical alternative. TV news goes all awkward covering a Loving More convention. Dan Savage as America’s most important sex ethicist. New poly books. More on campus. And, how to frame the emergence of polyamory as the natural outcome of the last several centuries of human development.

What is the world saying about us? If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last three months (or subscribed to it by the LJ friends feed or other feed), here is some of what you missed:

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February 8th, 2010

alan7388 @ 07:35 am: Polyamory in the News
“What happens when polyamory becomes mainstream?” It’s not there yet, but the last three months of poly in the media suggest it’s coming faster than we've expected.

A major newspaper makes waves profiling “Love’s new frontier.” John Stewart’s “The Daily Show” highlights a poly group of three. Many advice columnists increasingly get it. Seven new polyamory books are in the authoring/publishing pipeline. If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last three months (or subscribed to it by the LJ friends feed or other syndication service), here's some of what you missed:

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July 10th, 2006

mrloh @ 01:36 pm: Hello again to the grok_fellowship
At the lack of any suggestions I did a little researching, reading many of the links available at the CAW website, also searching for topics that confused me in my search. I have to say, as far as organizing a functional 'religion' or even a simple group of human beings, the outlines for being a part of the Church of All Worlds creates a pretty good map in my opinion. From what I've read it seems an idyllic intellectual foundation for people to build upon. I still have questions though. Like, does it actually work so ideally? I've also read that the church has sort of fallen under a few times, apparently from the inside. I assume the various nests must have quite different experiences, some probably more harmonious than others?
All the reading has excited me, I keep noticing small synchronicities in all the things I read, little things that just jump off the page and suck me in. I was just searching for internet books and found a brief history of the CAW, and my birthday was indirectly written into the text. And though a great advocate of the Gaia theory, I had never known it's originator was also the founder of the Church of All Worlds.
I am in Canada, and it seems the CAW and it's folk haven't emerged here, so I have no real life person to learn about it from, but if the people here could offer any suggestions I would be grateful, just so that I can find new things to read and people to talk to about this idea.
It intrigues me so much because one might say that I have just recently grokked the necessity for a nest here. That's the way I have put it before to the people I call my water brothers here where I live. But knowing there is a real Church of All Worlds out there, I second guess myself in the previous thought that this kind of community hadn't happened before. I have always been skeptical of any organized belief structure, and I have my doubts about this one, as dynamic as it seems. I've always thought the best organization is the one that exists inherently in our being who we are, born of one place and one 'soul'. I thought that to name such a thing would be pointless, it would only create division among nature. But maybe I was wrong about that. Maybe it doesn't matter what the name is.
Anyway, at the very least, thank you for listening to this young person's curiosity, I am at a busy period in my life and it is greatly helpful just to paint myself a picture now and then.
May you always drink deeply : )
Love from Loh

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July 1st, 2006

ladyplatypus @ 09:07 pm: Water Sharing
I know this is going to sound like a weird question, because emotionally I know the answer to my question, but I have a difficult time expressing it into words. I'm looking for someone (or someones) to explain what a "Second Level Water Sharing" is. I've tried to explain it to someone and he just isn't getting it. He's got the First and Third Levels down, but can't seem to understand how I'm phrasing the Second Level.

Can anyone help me?


June 27th, 2006

mrloh @ 01:02 pm: Greetings
Hello to all of you here at the Grok Fellowship : )
I found this community just recently and am very interested in getting to know some of the people involved here, to see what the fellowship is really about. But let me first introduce myself...(cut for length)Collapse )
So here I am, and I'll stop myself there, for I have already rambled far too long. I look forward to learning about you and this community, and the Church of All Worlds too. Thank you, may you always drink deeply. : )

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November 9th, 2005

ottercat @ 02:35 pm: Greetings!
Just a quick hello to all here.

I expect most of you know me or know of me. I've been hanging around with CAW-folk since '95 with varying levels of visibility.

I am saddened by the splintering of the tribe -- I think that is truly what CAW means to me. However, I am happy to be in this space and share with others I've known for a long time.

Blessings and NT!

November 7th, 2005

urthlvr @ 04:22 pm: basics-friends, members, 7 values
i thought i'd write about some basic info folks may want to know about the Grok Fellowship.

we started just over a year ago after the demise of the CAW.

the actual "group" is a yahoogroup which is closed. we have two levels of "membership". to join the Grok Fellowship list as a FRIEND, you must have two vouches and no vetoes. this process can take some time. if there are no vetoes then a person is listed as a friend of GF. if after 6 months, the friend wishes to become a full member, then they request membership and full members poll to accept the friend as a member. friends are welcome to participate in discussion of issues/policy matters, but they eligible to participate in the polling for consensus on issues. friends are welcome to poll on incoming new friends.

a member of GF is eligible to participate in all polls.

all the original members were members of the CAW so there are several things that we felt strongly connected to that we brought with us (so to speak).

one of those things were the 7 values. Know Thy Self (self-actualization), Grow Closer (deep friendship), Love As Thou Wilt (positive sexuality), Love Thy Neighbor (diversity, pluralism), All That Groks Is God (attunement with nature), Thou Art God/dess (immanent divinity) and From Thy Heart, Laugh (joy and silliness).

okay, i've had several interruptions and i've lost my train of thought so i guess i'll post this now.

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November 5th, 2005

magentamn @ 07:36 pm: Hello
I realized I should post something. It will be brief for now. I was a Scion in CAW until it folded or whatever, though I had not been active for a while before that. I had been active in CAW off and on since the mid-seventies. I was part of the local nest in Minneapolis for many years, but it is no more. I have met many of the people here at Grow Closer and Freedom Gathering.

oakwind @ 11:25 am: Possible Listing in Updated Drawing Down the Moon
The following is the listing the Grok Fellowship is considering:

Grok Fellowship: A Beloved Community of Waterkin is a vessel combining water
from the chalice of CAW and that of each individual member. Our dedication date
was October 15th, 2004. We came together for the purpose of continuing our
tribal connections and helping each other on our journey of self-actualization.
Our mission statement is: The sacred path of the Grok Fellowship is to promote
and participate in the manifestation of our common values: Thou Art God/dess,
Know Thyself, Grow Closer, All that Groks is God, Love Thy Neighbor, Love as
Thou Wilt, and From Thy Heart, Laugh. The Grok Fellowship encourages the
celebration of life, compassionate honesty, radical politeness, ultimate
individual freedom, personal responsibility and the evolution of human
potential. While there is not full agreement on the term "radical politeness" We
do agree treating each other with courtesy and respect is very important to us.
Two levels of membership, full members and friends, requires two vouches from
members/friends and no vetoes. Contact us at, or

Any ideas for improving it? I would rather leave out the comment on not agreeing on radical politeness as it makes for a better listing, I think, but as long as that is an issue I don't feel it would be appropriate to do so.

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